Shine On.

I’ve written this letter to a friend who is hurting at the moment. She knows who she is. Rather than sending it just to her I’m sharing it here, in case anyone else is struggling too.

To My Dear Friend

It’s true that horrible things happen to good people but some people seem to get far more than their rightful share.

Life can be so incredibly unfair and sometimes when we least expect it we get kicked when we’re down, when we’re already hurting. And when the person wearing the boots should be on your side the pain is even sharper.

When our minds are clouded and even our bodies fail us, deep down there is a flickering light. Often almost invisible, it burns on quietly, sometimes completely unnoticed. But it’s there. It’s your fighting spirit.

Think back on your struggles. You have survived them. All of them. Against seemingly insurmountable adversity, when you’ve wondered how on earth you’d make it through, you did. You made it. Every bad day ended and a new one dawned. Over and over come new days and fresh starts.

Lessons are everywhere and whether or not we’re aware, we’re learning all the time. At times like this it’s worth reflecting on the fact that most of what people say to us is really about them. Criticisms of you are usually nothing to do with you at all.

There’s no shame in hurting…. it makes us human. Every day you’re showing your beautiful children how to keep showing up. How no matter what life throws at you, and however much you hurt, you’ll keep going. Because life is hard. It takes strength and courage.

Your children have the most incredible role model in you. If or when they face challenges in their lives, you will have beaten a path ahead for them to follow. They’ll know that they can overcome anything, because their Mama taught them so.

Your body may be weaker at the moment but it’s strength will return. It has before and it will again. These dark times will make the bright ones even brighter for you.

But please try to remember how much people care and how loved you are. So don’t change. Take the next breath, put your best for forward and know that the world is a brighter place thanks to you.

Much much love xx


2 thoughts on “Shine On.

  1. Beautifully written. Each day is proof that we got up again, even the day’s we thought we couldn’t. I was once given the advice to take one hour at a time, or one minute if one hour is too much. Simple advice from someone I hardly knew, but so effective. I hope this helps someone else too.

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