The Mummy Kindness Manifesto

Some tips for practicing Mummy Kindness to ourselves and each other. Can you imagine a world where everyone observed this manifesto?!

The Mummy Kindness Manifesto

1) I will trust my own instincts.

2) I will feed my baby however suits me, my baby and my family. I will never judge another mother for how she chooses to feed her baby.

3) I will always tell pregnant women they look amazing. No other comments on her appearance or size are necessary.

4) I will accept that others will do things differently to me. This doesn’t mean that they’re wrong, I’m wrong, or that they think I’m wrong.


5) I will only offer advice when it’s asked for. I will do so with love and without judgement.

6) I will remember I’m entitled to be proud of my child. But no-one likes a show-off.

7) I will not be defined by the number on a scale. It is not my worth.


8) I accept I will make mistakes. I will learn from them and move on.

9) I will be true and authentic and not pretend all is perfect at all times. This helps no one.


10) I will not compare my insides with everyone else’s outsides.

11) I will remember that my kind words, compliments or smile could make someone’s day.


12) I will accept compliments gracefully and I will believe them.

13) I will always remember that I am the best mum for MY children, that I know them better than anyone else. I will discount any thoughts or comments that suggest otherwise.

14) I will remember it’s OK not to be OK sometimes.

15) I will be kind to others and kind to myself and in doing so remember that it’s not a competition, all mummies are on the same team.


I’d love to know your thoughts on this! Please use the box below to leave a comment and add any extra points. You can also use the links to share this page with your friends.

All pictures credited to the incredible Brave Girls Club.


27 thoughts on “The Mummy Kindness Manifesto

  1. i love this so much i have printed it out and put it on my kitchen wall (the room i am in most!) to remind myself of these fantastic points everyday! well done – and wow yeah could you imagine the world if we all decided to live by this manifesto……………. x

    • That is one I really struggle with myself. I’m hoping to encourage more mums to compliment each other so that we all get more used to it! Hopefully this will help!! Have you read my Complimentary Thinking post?

      Thanks so much for your comment!


  2. Hi there Rachel,
    Many thanks for the post. I think we need to have something like this to give to the men in our lives. My husband seems to think I have an easy life because I’m on maternity leave. I’ve had comments like “What have you been doing all day?”, ‘You’re just a babysitter’, “Other men come home to dinner on the table” (I cook dinner for us both after the kids go to sleep), “Don’t complain, you want to be maternity leave”. I feel like I’m going crazy. Naturally I get very upset by these comments but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Anyone else have something similar? It would be nice to hear your thoughts on the Daddies and how they can show more Mummy kindness. Many thanks

  3. Brilliant rules. Every one rings true with me. And that usually i am doing the opposite. As a huge comparer, number 10 really hit home with me. Thank you x

  4. Fantastic. Found this through A Field Somewhere. Love the bit about compliments. I was taught that a great way to receive a compliment was with a smile and a thank you. So simple ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great post. I found this through @afieldsomewhere too! I especially think number 13 rings true for me.

    13) I will always remember that I am the best mum for MY children, that I know them better than anyone else. I will discount any thoughts or comments that suggest otherwise.

    I forget that sometimes! Thanks for your wise words. ๐Ÿ™‚

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